Feb 2001

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OxygenForLife.net Newsletter #2

New products!!!!!!!!!

1. DERMOX --- a convenient topical spray for all types of skin irritations including scrapes, cuts, bruises, burns, bites, wounds, cold sores and blisters. Spray frequently as needed on the affected area for soothing relief. DERMOX is an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic astringent and cooling vulnerary. DERMOX SPRAY is a combination of AEROBIC OXYGEN along with twelve herbs that are very effective in healing the skin. These herbs are: vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, marigold, neem, red alder, old manís beard, echinacea, goldenseal, purple loosestrife, corydalis, California poppy and tea tree oil. Aerobic Oxygen promotes healing and helps reduce pain by controlling infection.

You may access this new product, available by clicking on the order button on our web site. It is available in both 2 oz. And 12 oz. bottles.

We have already received several favorable reports from our customers regarding their results with DERMOX. Application of this product to wounds and injuries on livestock seems to have hastened healing times and scar formation seemed greatly reduced.

2. EX-PEL --- Clinically designed to reduce the effects of todayís eating habits!!!: The greatest dangers to your health are directly related to your eating habits. People eat for taste and convenience, not for health and nutrition. Because of this we are contributing to the greatest health problems facing our society today ------ Heart disease!!!!!! Risks of developing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease are in direct relationship to the amount of cholesterol and dietary fat within the body, as well as excessive personal weight. The higher these levels, the greater the risk of heart disease and heart attack. Until recently, the only products doctors found to be truly effective in controlling these problems were prescription drugs which could cause serious side effects. Today there is a new choice: a naturally safe and naturally effective choice.

Developed by an eminent interventional Cardiologist and research scientist: In the mid 1980ís, a prominent cardiovascular physician concerned with the greatest cause of death in our society began his journey toward a formula that would revolutionize the health industry. His mission was clear: To safely and effectively lower and maintain cholesterol levels eliminating the intake of dietary fats without the use of starvation diets or harmful drugs. The doctor and his team of research associates, drawing upon their world wide resources and knowledge, knew instinctively the revolutionary formula had to be derived from scientific documented studies of great credibility. With awards and honors in Medical Research and Applied Sciences, certified on boards such as the National Board of Medial Examiners, the American Board of Internal Medicine and as a member of the American College of Cardiology, the American Federation of Clinical Research, the American Heart Association, the New York Academy of Science and Medicine Foundation, the doctorís superb credentials and desire for creating the best has resulted in the development of one of the most advanced and revolutionary products ever --- EX-PEL!!!! Documented tests show EX-PEL reduces cholesterol,dietary fats and promotes weight loss within eight weeks without changing your exercise or dietary habits. EX-PEL is safe and easy to use -- simply ingest one tablet 30 minutes before a meal or snack, with a full glass of water. The recommended dosage is a minimum of three tablets and a maximum of six tablets per day. This allows EX-PEL to disperse in the stomach and reach the fat receptors well before food, inhibiting the bodyís intake of cholestrol and dietary fats.

We will be offering this new and SUPERB product on our web site in two weeks ------ until then you may e-mail us at oxygen@oxygenforlife.net to order ---------- $19.95 per bottle, 90 tabs each, plus shipping and handling.


Aqua Chem. Laboratories Inc, Deer Park, Texas: Analysis Report.

Five gallons of Deer Park tap water was treated with 15 drops of Aerobic Oxygen Flock and 30 drops of Aerobic Oxygen, (Ster-Bac 50) after the water had been doped with large concentrations of metal ions (arsenic, barium, baron,cadmium,calcium,chromium, copper, iron,lead, magnesium, manganese, mercury, nickle, selenium, silver, zinc).

The testing done on the Aerobic Oxygen (Ster-Bac 50) shows that it is a very good chemical for removing metals by flocculation method and will find a great number of sucessful uses in the water treatment field. (Thomas C. Bedford, President of Aqua Chem. Laboratories Inc.)

Stanford University, School of Medicine, Dept. of Medical Microbiology, Stanford, California.

When applied topically the product may act as an osmotic agent. The ensuing osmotic gradient would be a sufficient driving force for the removal of toxins (from burns, allergic substances) from the skin.
In either topical or internal use, this product can act as a non-specific biocide. Both E-100 (Aerobic Oxygen) and one of its reaction products, chlorine dioxide, are extremely effective viricides, bactericides, and fungicides against pathogenic bacteria (e.g. legionelia pnemophila), enteric viruses (polio virus) and other viruses.
The potential mechanism of this product involves utilisation of chlorite by cells, particularly leukocytes, as substrate to increase the efficiency of a group of enaymes known as peroxidases. These are an important component in the immune system, since they are involved in the oxidation of foreign material, (e.g., virus). This product significantly improves the efficiency of the two enzymes, chloroperoxidase and peroxidase. These three possible mechanisms are, of course, not exclusive of one another. It is quite possible that all three act simultaneously. JAMES D. BERG Ph. D.
LIVE HAPPY ------------------- STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AEROBIC OXYGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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