Critter Corner

Hello !!!!!!!

Iíd like to introduce myself, and tell you a bit about Aerobic Oxygen, from my perspective.

My name is I.Q., Iím a 3 year old Australian Shepherd, and, I have a very special job.  I am an Aide Dog.  I assist my disabled owner with many tasks, every day.  As a trained Aide Dog, in the United States, I am allowed to accompany my person almost anywhere, to assist with needed tasks.

Boy, can this use up the energy !!!!!!!  I might put several miles, each day, on the pads of  my paws, helping carry things, picking up dropped items, assisting with laundry tasks, and staying right next to my person, each and every moment of the day and night.

Often times, my person and I go to different areas, where the water isnít the same as it is in our home.

Thank goodness for Aerobic Oxygen !!!!!!!!

My person always adds a few drops of Aerobic Oxygen to my drinking water, to make sure Iím not ingesting some awful type of bacteria that could make me sick, whenever we are away from home.  An Aide Dog, with a tummy ache from different water, canít be much help to their two legged friend.

At home, I get 30 drops of Aerobic Oxygen per day.  10 drops, in a bit of milk, or broth, 3 times each day.  It sure does help me stay healthy, and keep my energy level up, so I can enjoy all the fun tasks that I help with.

Several of my four legged friends also use Aerobic Oxygen.  Their persons also believe it helps to keep them healthy, and safe from strange bacteria in their water.

Some of these friends are horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and cats.  Iíve even added two parrots, and a tame skunk to our group of friends, lately.

Please contact us at , to order some Aerobic Oxygen for your furred friend, today.

Hereís wishing everyone a safe, and healthy future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!