Aerobic Oxygen. Is this the answer to a Natural Antibiotic?
Most if not all diseases we suffer are caused mainly by germs and viruses. Aerobic Oxygen will assist you to kill diseases that are motivated by viruses and germs. Don't hesitate and act now to protect yourself.

Oxygen powers up your immune system, sustains health and vitality. Thousands of people all over the world already claim they have been restored to better health by regular taking of Aerobic Oxygen.

2400 drops per 2 oz bottle.
20 drops per gallon of water for
      purification = 120 gallons of purified water.
60 drops per day = 40 days

This is for informational purposes only, not a suggested dosage.

Adding Aerobic Oxygen Additives to your drinking water is the most effective method for treating potable drinking water for long term storage.

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Aerobic Oxygen consists of stabilized oxygen molecules and serves two purposes:

  • It kills all anaerobic (infectious) bacteria while leaving untouched bacteria that is harmless / good for you.
  • It aerates water (adds oxygen to it, keeping harmful bacteria from growing in it).In addition, the stabilized oxygen molecules add oxygen to your blood and body, rejuvenating tired muscles.

Aerobic Oxygen is not a Chlorine Dioxide product, nor does it contain Hydrogen Peroxide.  There is a distinct difference between all three.  A simple w\pH test will show that there is no H202 in Aerobic Oxygen.  H202 is very acidic and Aerobic Oxygen is very alkaline.  This is one of the tremendous benefits of Aerobic Oxygen.  Aerobic Oxygen does not have a formula, it is a compound created by a process and reaction to the ingredients used to produce the non-toxic, stable oxygen compound that it is.  All the ingredients used are food grade.

The ability to harness the powerful benefits of oxygen is what sets Aerobic Oxygen apart from any other product on the market today.  The process used to stabilise the oxygen molecules in Aerobic Oxygen has never been patented thus maintaining the secret of this process that is known only to The Good For You Canada Corp.  Many have tried, however no one has succeeded to duplicate the process that stabilises the oxygen molecules in the same manner as found in the Aerobic Oxygen.

Aerobic Oxygen has a history of over 30 years with no contradictions and no toxic side effects.  No other product has this type of history.  No other product has producted more benefits for more people.

Since Aerobic Oxygen has proved to be so successful, some companies have produced what they consider to be similar to Aerobic Oxygen.  Some of them have even called their products Aerobic Oxygen, which is incorrect.  Many of them have made reference to the years of experience, testing and benefits produced by Aerobic Oxygen or stabilised oxygen in the promotion of their product, giving the impression to the reader that it is their product which has produced these results.  These are incorrect statements and the readers should be aware of these types of deceptions.  Only Good For You Canada Corp Produces Aerobic Oxygen.

Aerobic Oxygen is sold in several countries all over the world and the results are the same.  People everywhere found that Aerobic Oxygen produces tremendous benefits no matter where they live.

The above are Excerpts from the book The Powerful Healing Properties of Aerobic Oxygen Written by Gordon Steward, LCH, RS HOM, also available for sale here

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